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'Fighter' update

  • An update on The Fighter from Mark Wahlberg at IGN:

    Wahlberg confirmed that Scorsese had indeed read the screenplay for The Fighter but, having already done one film set in Boston as well as the boxing classic Raging Bull, he was not interested in directing the pugilist drama.

    The Oscar nominee added that both he and Damon are waiting for the script to get to a place where they're both willing to sign on but that it could hopefully be his next film.

    Wahlberg added that there are "a couple of guys" interested in directing The Fighter right now but declined to name names.

  • The next episode of Journey to Planet Earth airs on March 28 - here:

    Oscar winner Matt Damon will return for his fourth season as host/narrator of PBS's science-and-nature series, Journey to Planet Earth. "State of the Ocean's Animals" airs March 28.

  • Two Gawker sightings:

    Matt Damon, Luciana Bozan & Isabella
    888 Broadway
    Feb 18th, 2007 @ 1pm
    Matt Damon, wife, baby, and his parents (def his mom) at ABC Home and Carpet February 18th, around 1pm. Matt had the baby strapped to his chest in one of those Bjorn baby carriers. Baby was totally passed out but so CUTE!

    Matt Damon
    40th Ave & 40th Ave
    Feb 21st, 2007 @ 1pm
    Saw Matt Damon filming the Bourne Ultimatum. I think they were filming a chase seen with tons of cars. He had a duffle bag. Very short.

  • A sighting from the NY Daily News:

    Matt Damon and his family were spotted shopping for bedding at ABC Carpet & Home. Gushes a spy: "Their baby girl is beyond adorable, dressed all in pink as Mama bundled her in her winter coat on one of the beds in the department. Matt was courteous enough to take a photo with the sales ladies that helped them, even taking off his baseball cap so they could get a good face shot."

  • An interview with Matt is here, an interview with De Niro here, and with Angelina here.

  • A photo of Matt in New York here.
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