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Star Trek rumors

  • The Star Trek rumors are back, and this time, unfortunately, it seems they may be true. From IGN - which states the other actors up for parts include Adrien Brody and Gary Sinise:

    IGN Movies has learned from studio sources which actors may play the Big Three in Paramount's Star Trek XI. By the "Big Three," we mean, of course, Captain James T. Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy.

    Confirming rumors that have been making the rounds for some months now, IGN has learned that Oscar winner Matt Damon is indeed in talks with Paramount about playing the role of Jim Kirk, previously immortalized onscreen by Emmy winner William Shatner.

  • From a pre-Oscar report on Departed producer Graham King at the Observer, which provides more details about the one-off Q&A Matt attended in London last December:

    On the stage of Odeon's flagship cinema in London's Leicester Square, the Oscar-winning film star Matt Damon and some bloke called Graham King are taking questions from the floor. The audience is made up of members of Bafta (the British Academy of Film and Television Arts). They've just watched a screening of The Departed, Martin Scorsese's saga of Irish mafia and corrupt cops in Boston.

    'It was a tough shoot,' chuckles King into his microphone. He has an English accent with a bit of an American twang. 'A few little movie stars in there ...' Cast members repeatedly left the shoot to make or promote other movies; Wahlberg came back from another film set with a completely different haircut; Damon reports that Nicholson 'inserted layers of sexual obscenity' into his character, psychopathic gang boss Frank Costello. In one scene he waggled a huge strap-on dildo in the face of Damon's character, bent policeman Colin Sullivan. King, to more laughter, adds that Warner Bros was concerned about Nicholson's sex-toy improv in their (hoped-for) blockbuster.

    Graham's got terrific taste,' says Matt Damon. 'He's always trying to line himself up with people that he thinks are good. And he's producing good movies because of it. On The Departed, he was there on set every day. Nobody is overbearing on one of Marty's [Scorsese] sets. It's very clear that we're all there working for Marty. It's a very deferential environment. But Graham's done so many things with Marty now that he definitely has his ear, so if he has a suggestion, he's not shy about giving it.'

  • More photos from filming of The Bourne Ultimatum in New York last week are at Wireimage or teddyandmoo.
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