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  • Photos from the set of Bourne Ultimatum Friday are at Wireimage, including the following, thanks to Celebrity Mound:

    Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
  • Excerpts from an interview with Ben at the SMH:

    Just a couple of years ago, there were few things in the world less fashionable than Ben Affleck. How had that happened? Wasn't Affleck that fun dude who starred in indie auteur Kevin Smith's Chasing Amy? Wasn't he the surprisingly young guy who, with best mate Matt Damon, managed to win the Oscar for screenwriting as long ago as 1997 for Good Will Hunting? The two of them bounced on stage like the kids they were, so fresh-faced and keen, to collect their prize. They were the respectable faces of commercial success.

    Damon went on to make a mix of solid Hollywood thrillers and some very credible, even experimental, arthouse films, led a normal life going to shops and bars unmolested and had girlfriends nobody knew anything about. Eventually he married one of them and went on to have a baby, all without so much as a Hello! feature to trouble his domestic routine.

    Late last year, when he was promoting Hollywoodland in London, he and Damon met for lunch. Damon was pushing a pram. They laughed, he says, about how different life had become; different in a good way.

    Having a child, he says, has directly influenced his work choices. He wants to be proud of what he does. He and Damon are working on a project they want to direct together.

  • A Gawker sighting:

    Matt Damon, Mar 7th, 2007 @ 8pm
    Matt Damon with big group and Brendan Shanahan with his wife.. both eating dinner last night at Campagnola.
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