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Bourne back to the UK in April

  • Filming for The Bourne Ultimatum will continue back in the UK after New York filming finishes shortly - some details here.

    Matt Damon hit the streets of Hertfordshire for the latest instalment of Hollywood's blockbusting Bourne trilogy.

    The Bourne Ultimatum, starring the A-list actor as former assassin Jason Bourne, was partly filmed at the University of Hertfordshire's research and development centre, in Welwyn Garden City.

    The crew will return to BioPark Hertfordshire, which was transformed into top secret CIA headquarters for the spy thriller, on April 9, to film the finishing touches.

  • A more detailed report on the ShoWest Ultimatum scenes from the LA Times - possible spoilers:

    Universal closed out its summer exhibition tease session with the next installment from the Jason Bourne franchise, the spy thriller series widely recognized for reinvigorating the action genre with extreme stunts, hand-held camera work and breakneck pacing. Execs unspooled the first teaser clip from "The Bourne Ultimatum" to suggest that the third film in the series, planned to open Aug. 3, will not only live up to its predecessors but perhaps exceed action fans' expectations.

    Set in a Middle Eastern bazaar, the less-than-10-minute scene shows a gunman chasing Julia Stiles' character through narrow alleyways as Bourne (Matt Damon) tries to intervene from a roof above. In high-flying jumps, inspired by urban parkour — a French form of street gymnastics, seen most recently in the opening of "Casino Royale" — the amnesiac spy tracks Stiles as she is chased below. All three characters end up in a frenetic hand-to-hand fight.
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