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Scans, Bourne, The Fighter

  • Scans of the new Ocean's 13 photos in People magazine are from Sammie323's Effluvia. The official O13 site reports that the full trailer is coming on 29 March (and will no doubt be previewed on the entertainment news shows beforehand).

    Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

  • Another fan sighting (with photos) of Matt on the Bourne Ultimatum set is at TeamSugar.

  • An update on The Fighter from the Boston Globe:

    Announced a few months back, the boxer biopic will costar Matt Damon as Ward's trainer and half-brother Dick Ecklund. Wahlberg, a major fight fan, has been trying to make a boxing film for a while, but the scripts were never quite right. (Before the Ward project came along, Wahlberg was set to play Vinnie Curto, an East Boston native, in a movie costarring Robert De Niro as legendary trainer Angelo Dundee.) "I think there's a curse," Wahlberg said. "But if we can get the material where Matt and I are both happy with it, I think it'll finally happen."
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