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Departed, Eva, Jacksonville?

  • Confirming my story of a few days ago, an excerpt from Army Archerd's column in Variety today:

    An enthusiastic Leonardo DiCaprio tells me that Jack Nicholson is joining him and Matt Damon in Martin Scorsese’s "The Departed" for WB, starting in April. Nicholson would play an Irish gang boss while the younger duo are opposing undercover cops. A femme costar is yet to be chosen to play a cop psychiatrist, Leo said. Nicholson tells me the role "could be interesting," and admits he's been "looking for a bad guy -- I did three comedies." And hasn't been in front of the cameras for almost two years. He's met with both Leo and Marty with whom he's been friends "for many years and we'd been looking for something to do together." And he worked with Matt Damon on a charity benefit show. As for playing a Boston Irishman, Nicholson laughs, "I won't have to act much".

  • More about the film from Army's column on 26 January:

    Scorsese said he'll also meet with Leo this afternoon to talk their next pic, "The Departed" for WB, starting in April. "For me to do another gangster movie -- it had to be something special," and Scorsese admits the William Monahan script about the Boston Irish is indeed "special." Matt Damon co-stars and a top femme cop role is open.

  • A short item about Eva Mendes from

    Tattle was chatting yesterday with lovely Eva Mendes ("Out of Time") and brought up the topic of gossip to the woman who was identified in many places, as Matt Damon's girlfriend. (Mendes is in "Hitch," opening Feb. 11, and it's good.) How much of the gossip, we wondered, was true.
    "I read everything about myself," Eva said, "and there's nothing true so far that's been written about me."
    "As far as gossip... . I think I read that Kate Hepburn said once that she'd only care what was written about her if it was true, and I have to say that I agree with that kind of mentality."
    What about that whole Matt Damon thing?
    "That's not true."
    That's not true?
    "That's not true. And it never was. We're very dear friends and we'd all go out together and no one would mention his girlfriend or my boyfriend. They'd just mention us. That's how it works."
    Well, ain't that a kick in the teeth.

  • There's a few mentions around that Matt is in Jacksonville, Florida, with George Clooney and Brad Pitt ahead of the Super Bowl this weekend.
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