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Back to Madrid, Aronofsky

  • Filming for Bourne Ultimatum will also be returning to Madrid - details here, with my translation below.

    Matt Damon will return to Madrid in a few days to finish the movie "The Bourne Ultimatum", under the direction of Paul Greengrass. Apparently, it was the actor himself who asked to end the film in Madrid rather than London and other locations. In the previous visit Damon filmed at the Atocha station, at Terminal 4 of the Airport de Barajas, in the plaza of Canalejas and in the Castellana.

  • Director Darren Aronofsky wrote on his myspace blog on 2 April that speculation about his next project (ie The Fighter) may be all hype:

    been writing quite a bit. don't believe any of the hype of anything you've heard about future projects. i am about to commit to something and i'll let you all know what it is when it happens.

  • A possible sighting from Marc Malkin at E Online:

    (Sighting) Matt Damon, vacationing at the Four Seasons Hualalai at Historic Ka'upulehu resort in Hawaii.
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