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LA sighting

  • A sighting from Ted Casablanca's column at E Online:

    Matt Damon, taking a mornin’ stroll near the Four Seasons in Bev Hills. In tow were his wife of more than two years, Luciana Barroso, and their bouncin’ baby girl, Isabella. Matt-hon, ever the doable nerd, donned a white, short-sleeve shirt and trademark nerdy specs, while Isabella sported a "Suri-ish" coiffure, said well-heeled observers nearby, of thick dark hair—how locks-luscious!

  • A very well-trodden Good Will Hunting story is repeated at the New York Post.

  • And Ben's jokes are just as tired here, in an appearance at the GLAAD awards:

    Ben Affleck presented the trophy for best wide-release film to Little Miss Sunshine and joked that he and Matt Damon had an easier time winning their Good Will Hunting Oscar than getting married. "But looking back, honestly, it was for the best, because we fought a lot, and it was always about him."
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