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Ultimatum trailer, O13 updates, GreenDimes

  • The new trailer for The Bourne Ultimatum is here, with the site also including new stills. This site has some trailer stills.

  • There will be another charity screening for Ocean's Thirteen in Las Vegas on 6 June. Details about the Chicago charity screening are available here. Both items are thanks to Clooney Studio. And Brad Pitt will not attend the Chicago event - details here:

    Details remain sketchy, but Clooney and co-stars/accomplices Don Cheadle and Matt Damon have RSVP'd for the charity bash. Oprah Winfrey is a maybe -- one scene shows Clooney sobbing during "Oprah." Another "maybe" is Ellen Barkin, who will play Damon's older-woman love interest.

    Alas, Brad Pitt and Pacino have sent their regrets. Organizers are still waiting to hear from the likes of ensemblemates Bernie Mac, Casey Affleck and Gould.

    Vanity Fair magazine editor Graydon Carter is hosting the event to raise money for the International Rescue Committee, which aids war victims around the world. The cause is dear to the heart of Clooney, who visited Darfur last year and filmed a documentary on refugees living in Chad.

    The "Ocean's Thirteen" evening will include a premiere of the movie at AMC River East 21, followed by a soirée at the new Room 21 restaurant, nightclub, set to open at 2100 S. Wabash Ave. Tickets for the screening alone will start at $500. Details will be announced at a later date.

  • A (hopefully false) report here suggests that Matt is in talks for a Green Arrow comic book movie.

  • There's a preview of Matt's pre-taped appearance on Oprah Friday at the show's website. Update: on the show Matt is talking about GreenDimes - more information from Oprah's site. The friend is likely to be Larry Tanz, CEO of LivePlanet, who is on the Advisory Board of Tonic, which operates GreenDimes.

    Matt Damon received a life-changing gift last holiday season. A friend signed him up for Greendimes, an organization that seeks to cut down on junk mail. Not only does junk mail clog up your mailbox, it also requires an estimated 100 million trees and 20 billion gallons of water every year.

    For about a dime a day, Greendimes will stop 70 to 90 percent of the junk mail you're now getting. They also plant a tree a month for every member. "So not only are you saving trees from being cut down, you're actually participating in replanting trees," Matt says. "We need our trees, obviously, because they do everything from remove air pollution and sequester carbon, they filter our water, they provide wildlife with homes."

    Matt was so impressed with Greendimes that he's now a board member for the company. "Do something wonderful for your planet and do something wonderful for your life. Get rid of this junk," he says.
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