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Bourne, Margaret

  • A report on films being made in the New York area, from the Hollywood Reporter:

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    Of course, that means the streets and the grids can get crowded. NBC's Spike Lee-directed pilot "M.O.N.Y." featured a downtown car-crash scene that filmed on the same day and on the same part of the grid as Universal's "The Bourne Ultimatum." Although it'll probably get edited out, there's a chance that the same wreckage will appear in both productions.

    "The busyness of New York has been good, and it has been bad," "Bourne" producer Patrick Crowley says. "The good news is a lot of people are working; there's a really high skill level. But we're in the middle of pilot season, so it's difficult to get equipment and crew."

    Perhaps most striking about the "Bourne" project, however, is that it is the exception to the rule: "Bourne" likes New York for New York and won't be claiming any rebates for its 20 days of first unit and 17 days of second.

  • An update on Margaret from an interview with Anna Paquin at The Reeler:

    STV: That actually leads into my last question in a way: What the hell is going on with Margaret? Last I heard, Kenneth Lonergan is locked in an editing room with a three-hour film.

    AP: Well, Kenny's a friend of mine, so... what I know and what you know and what other people know is not going to be the same thing. He's still working on it. That's about all I've got. I guess when Kenny is ready to share it with people, that's his call. He's a brilliant artist, and when he's finished with it, that's when everybody will see it. Until then, honestly, he's one of those people I just trust so implicitly creatively that whatever his process is is just his process. [Pause] But if I wasn't in it, I would be on the same page.
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