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O13 production notes

  • Production notes for Ocean's Thirteen are available on the UK official site. Thanks to Clooney Studio. Here's some of the text relating to Matt and his character:

    Linus Caldwell, played by Matt Damon, has been eager to take a more active role in the planning and execution of each heist. In "Ocean’s Thirteen" he finally gets his chance. He also gets the girl, but this romance is all part of the plan.

    Sporting what Damon describes as "a ridiculous prosthetic nose for no real reason", Linus arrives at The Bank in the guise of Lenny Pepperidge, the "mouthpiece" for a mega-rich Asian real estate mogul, who is actually none other than the gang’s resident Chinese acrobat, Yen. While passing Yen off as a super high roller who is ready to risk up to $10 million at The Bank casino, Linus is angling for – and gets – the undivided attention of Abigail Sponder, Willy Bank’s right-hand woman.

    "“I finally got the love interest in one of these movies," Damon says, admitting that his character gets a little help generating "chemistry" with Ms Sponder, played by Ellen Barkin. "Linus gets these ultra-powerful pheromones, which act as an aphrodisiac to maximise her attraction to him. The plan is for to get him into the Diamond Room."

    Soderbergh – "Ellen actually had a scene in "Ocean's Twelve", but it ended up being cut out of the movie, so I owed her one. Actually her scene was with Matt and it involved sexual tension, so when we were thinking of who to play Ms Sponder, it was an easy call."

    And a quote from Ellen Barkin:

    "It’s fun to do comedy. It's especially fun with somebody as inventive and spontaneous and quick as Matt is. We had a great rapport on the set."

  • An eyewitness report on Bourne Ultimatum filming in Madrid here includes the following camera-phone picture of Matt.

    Image Hosted by

  • Update: from USA Weekend's summer movie preview:

    THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM (Aug. 3) One way to measure the lengths to which the makers of this movie went to shoot the film is to say that they went to nine cities in seven countries on three continents. Another way is to say that they used just under 3,000 train tickets. Says producer Pat Crowley, "Moving around as much as we did, we hired so many people that if only the crew came to see the film, we'd have a great opening weekend."
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