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  • In a Spanish interview, Robert De Niro talks about the casting of Matt, the absence of Leo, and says he also would have been in The Departed if not for the shooting of The Good Shepherd.

    De Niro also says that he has to go ahead with the film on the current schedule as he has got financing, Matt is available, and Matt seems to be a great actor.

  • A nice line in a Boston Globe article about various descriptions of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady:

    If he were a movie star he'd be Matt Damon -- modest, mindful of his roots, careful not to take on roles that don't fit, able to stay grounded in a starstruck environment, and smiling sheepishly when the compliments get too thick.

  • More comments about Matt from USA Today celebrity columnist Donna Freydkin in a recent chat.

    Tampa, FL: Is there an address I can send fan mail to Matt Damon?
    Donna Freydkin: Does he have a fan club? If so, they would have it. He's seriously the coolest guy. And cute, too.

    Carmen, Indiana: Would you marry a famous celeb?
    Donna Freydkin: Bring on Matt Damon!

  • For information: write to Matt via his agent, Patrick Whitesell, at the following address:

    C/o Patrick Whitesell
    Endeavor Talent Agency
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    10th Floor
    Beverly Hills CA 90212

  • A note at IMDB mentions that Matt's stand-in, Johnny Cicco, is engaged to Matt's co-star in The Brothers Grimm, Lena Headey. Aw.

  • There's a four-page photo spread of Matt wearing Armani in the latest issue of UK's GQ magazine (Jennifer Garner cover). The issue of Vanity Fair including Matt is now on stands in NY and elsewhere shortly.
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