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Primetime Live, Frank Marshall live

  • The Primetime Live special with the O12 cast will air Thursday, but ET will have a preview on their show today, including some text at their site. An excerpt:

    On Thursday night's "Primetime Live," airing at 10 p.m. EST, Julia's 'Ocean's Twelve' cohorts spill secrets on the new mom and their fun-filled film! And tonight on ET, we have an exclusive, sneak peek at DIANE SAWYER's round-up interview with GEORGE CLOONEY, BRAD PITT, MATT DAMON, ANDY GARCIA, DON CHEADLE and CATHERINE ZETA-JONES.

    In the lively interview, which also features a tour of 'Ocean's' producer and cast wrangler JERRY WEINTRAUB's stunning Palm Springs home, Diane dissects the chemistry between these mega stars, what it was like to work together and what makes them tick, the trappings of fame and the public's fascination with celebrity.

    The stars also sound off on the importance of family and the influence of Hollywood on American politics. Plus, we find out just what Julia did that impressed them all!

  • Bourne Supremacy producer Frank Marshall will appear in a live discussion in LA to discuss Bourne ahead of its DVD release, and his other projects. Details at

    The Hollywood’s Master Storytellers presentation of The Bourne Supremacy, featuring a live moderated discussion to follow with producer Frank Marshall, will begin at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, December 7th at the Arclight Cinemas Hollywood. Tickets are now on sale via or at the theater box office, located just east of Vine at 6360 Sunset Boulevard.
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