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  • Thanks to Christine for reporting that Leonardo DiCaprio said on one of the entertainment shows this week that Matt is one of his film idols.

  • Shooting dates for The Departed from the NY Mayor's Office are below. The Good Shepherd is not yet listed, and Kenneth Lonergan's project Margaret begins in May.

    Shooting dates: 4/1/05 – 8/15/05

  • A sighting from the Miami Herald:

    Also Wednesday night, Matt Damon was spotted dining with his Miami girlfriend and interior designer Luciana Barroso at South Beach's Asian- and Latin-fusion restaurant, Sushi Samba Dromo, for a Carnaval celebration.

    The couple went to the Lincoln Road hot spot around 8 p.m., taking in the festive atmosphere and live samba dancers.

    Damon had five bottles of beer while Barroso sampled a special Carnaval cocktail, Sambatina. The lovebirds, whose visit lasted for about two hours, spent about $168 on tiraditos, grilled calamari, crispy red snapper and Kobe-style beef tataki.

    The meal must have put Damon in a good mood, as he left a $100 tip.

  • I mentioned previously the UK GQ magazine which includes a small feature on Matt. It's the March 2005 issue, and there are four full-page (new) colour photos of blond Matt in the latest Armani collection. Giorgio Armani guest-edits the issue, and includes the following comments in the editorial:

    For this issue, in which I celebrate my 30th anniversary as a designer, I was lucky enough to call on some old friends for help. I also have to thank Matt Damon... Matt has found incredible popular appeal as the psychologically tortured action hero Jason Bourne. I was so pleased when all three [chosen actors] agreed to showcase my new collection.

    The article description:
    A star is Bourne. Matt Damon is Hollywood's franchise-straddling go-to guy - as superagent supreme Jason Bourne and a high-end hustler in Danny Ocean's gang of 12. Here, for GQ, he's A list in Armani.

  • In the Saturn Awards announced this week, Matt was nominated for Best Actor, and Bourne Supremacy was nominated for best Action/Adventure/Thriller Film.
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