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O13 at Cannes day 2

  • Lots more photos from Cannes are at Just Jared - the cast in the garden of the Eden Roc hotel, after the press junket down by the beach, and leaving en masse for the Darfur party (Lucy obscured but present).

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  • Clooney Network has provided a link to the O13 cast interview on Tuesday's show.

  • A Reuters interview with the O13 cast.

  • A Hollywood Reporter article with the O13 screenwriters, including:

    In writing "Thirteen," Koppelman and Levien not only knew who the actors were going to be but also knew what most of their characters were like from the first two episodes. "It is unusual," Koppelman said. "I think we might have had a little trepidation about it beforehand but in the end there was something great about it because you did have this idea that George and Brad and Matt could sell almost anything you put in their mouth.

    "The characters that Ted created are great. They're really engaging. There was a lot that we could do to move them forward, we felt. You know, Linus, Matt's character, really finishes sort of a progression that he starts towards the end of 'Eleven' and through 'Twelve' to becoming in 'Thirteen' like his own man. And we got to give Matt a really funny nose, which was fun!"

    Koppelman and Levien's relationship with Damon goes back to their 1998 production "Rounders," in which he starred opposite Edward Norton. "We were on set every day for 'Ocean's' as we were on 'Rounders' so we knew that we would be working closely with Matt again and wanted to be able to put him in some dicey situations," Koppelman said.
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