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O13 at Cannes Day 3

  • Matt attended the amfAR charity benefit and photos with Sharon Stone, Harvey Weinstein and George are below. Photos also below from a press call with Andy Garcia and Ellen Barkin with thanks to yahoo and Popsugar, who has photos from the amfAR event and the photoshoot.

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  • Two fun cast interviews are at USA Today here and here, including:

    It's a cast that seems to enjoy each other, trading wiseacre patter and ribaldries with ease. Maybe that's the result of working together and feeling comfortable — or being pros and knowing the territory. Clooney and Damon often finish each other's thoughts. And Pitt is mostly happy to take it all in from the corner.

    "Besides us all growing up a bit," Pitt says, "our families have grown immensely. Mine specifically. (He now shares four children with Angelina Jolie.) That's kind of the beauty of it. … We know each other for a good amount of time now. We know each other's families, and these automatic rhythms begin immediately when we get on the set again. That's with the same crew, as well."

    "You see the five or six of us here," Damon says, "but in reality it's a huge crew — the same 200 people."

    On being back on the set for 'Ocean's Thirteen':
    Pitt: "I knew something had changed when Matt (Damon) asked me in passing if I had any extra diapers — No. 1s, 'You got a 1?'"
    Damon: "I got a 1."

    On possibility of a fourth movie:
    Cheadle: "If we do another Ocean's, we're going to have to start dropping people."
    Clooney: "Yeah, people are gonna have to die."
    Cheadle: "We're gonna go down, go the other way —Ocean's Ten."
    Clooney: "It's gonna get ugly."
    Garcia: "It's gonna be like Star Wars and go back to the beginning."
    Damon: "Ocean's Begins," with a wave of the hand.

  • My favourite interview so far is from Access Hollywood (it's all about the thong). Lots more videos are at Clooney Studio. And the GMA interview is also good fun - available at Clooney Network.

  • An interview excerpt at phillyburbs:

    Clooney, still single, reminisced about turning up at the makeshift bar on the "Ocean's Thirteen" set and finding it overrun by children.

    "Matt said, 'We should take a photo of this' because I'm in here with a bunch of, like, kids in diapers, and I'm sitting here having a vodka," Clooney said.

  • In the Entertainment Tonight video Matt is asked if Isabella is walking. Matt smiles and says she is standing up, before Clooney interrupts (and stops the conversation) by saying she's smoking.

  • Matt will be on Letterman 4 June. Thanks to Jess.
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