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Departed, Syriana, 7 Hoods?

  • A script review of The Departed, which describes Matt's role as 'Colin' in some detail, is at Aint it cool news. And a story about extras casting in Boston was at the Boston Herald.

  • Amanda Peet talked about her role in Syriana to Beck/Smith:

    THE IT FACTOR: When it comes to starring alongside some of Hollywood's hottest men, actress Amanda Peet is becoming a go-to girl. "I was just in Dubai with Matt Damon shooting 'Syriana.' It's an amazing place," says Peet about her latest project, which also stars George Clooney, and which filmed in the United Arab Emirates. "Matt's an oil salesman, and I play his wife, and basically we have a tragedy in our family," she adds about the movie, which is a first-person account of the CIA's false confidence concerning the future of the Middle East after the end of the Cold War.

    According to Peet, acting with the likes of Damon and Clooney is "a huge honor, but quite nerve-racking. When I get to work and it says my name on the call sheet, and then I see Matt Damon on the call sheet, it's still hard to believe." Luckily, the "Ocean's Twelve" boys, who are known for their joking, made her feel right at home. "They're pretty silly," she says.

  • Another potential project for Matt, George and Brad is described at Moviehole and Dark Horizons. It's not from an official source, and definitely only a rumor:

    Rumours are swirling that George Clooney's scouring through ol' Blue Eyes back catalogue for his next effort. According to Moviehole, Clooney has reportedly just bought the rights to another ratpack flick "Robin And The 7 Hoods", and already has "Ocean's" pals Brad Pitt and Matt Damon on board.

    The new version is expected to be updated and possibly set in modern times, and there's wonder whether Steven Soderbergh will direct, or at the very least, produce.

  • But George Clooney intimates in this Times magazine interview, transcribed at Clooney Studio, that the guys aren't all that close anyway:

    "We had a wonderful time," Clooney says. "But we didn't really hang out on location like everyone thinks. It's impossible, especially with Brad. Brad's like Elvis. There were 200 people outside the hotel. Most of the fun was had at my house. I get along with all of them, but we don't see each other that often. I see a bit of Matt Damon, and did some fundraising with Brad recently. He's going through a tough time but he handles it better than anyone I know."
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