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Cannes premiere, One X One

  • Video footage of Matt, Lucy and Alexia on the red carpet and inside the cinema at the Cannes Ocean's Thirteen premiere is here or here.

  • In Touch magazine lists Matt as one of the 10 sexiest guys of summer - at Sammie323's Effluvia.

  • A long Cannes interview with Matt, George and Brad (in German) from Park Avenue magazine is at Simply A typical exchange, according to my translation:

    Clooney: "I naturally wish Matty a great deal of success. As long as he is not as successful as me."

  • Further confirmation of Matt's attendance at the One X One event in September is at this press release.

    The 2007 ONE X ONE annual gala will be hosted by Matt Damon during the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9.

  • From an article about The Bourne Ultimatum at Singapore's The New Paper:

    With his girlfriend Marie killed off in the first 15 minutes of the previous instalment, producers say Bourne will not get a love interest.

    But Damon took pains to keep his character as real as possible.

    "He is keeper of the Jason Bourne character and he'll say things like, 'I would never do that'. He doesn't like any of the movie cliches, or the action cliches," said producer Frank Marshall.

    "He wants it to be as authentic as possible and he's spent a lot of time with undercover SAS and secret service, and he has talked to them a lot."

  • A detailed interview (in French) with Matt from January to promote The Good Shepherd is here, including (my translation):

    Have you bought any CDs recently?
    CDs... I have not even gone out of my place. I very much like Fiddy [the nickname of 50 hundred, editor's note] and things that I listen to on the University of Fordham radio station.

    What is your favourite show on TV?
    I have always watched The Simpsons and I still look at that.

    Will it be the end of Jason Bourne?
    I wanted him to die in the first movie! But nobody ever listens to me! I do not think that he will die. It may be the last film of the series but I think that they want to keep it alive.

    Do you have projects you want to do in the future?
    Yes, certainly. Ben and I have a project which we would like to do, but we still need to do things to make it happen. And if we do not reach that point, we will find another project. We want to make another film together. But, we are very busy as actors...

    On being a new parent
    How is that?
    It is difficult to describe but the baby is marvellous and my wife is an exceptional mother.

    Do you spoil them a lot?
    I give them a lot of attention. I play with them a lot. But I do not spoil them by giving them heaps of things. We pay great attention to that. You do not help a child by giving them all that they want.
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