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Time interview, Ben as godparent?

  • There's a new interview in Time with Matt, George, Brad and Ellen Barkin here. Some excerpts:

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    DAMON: I'm an Obama guy too. I think a lot of the problems in the world would be mitigated if he were the face of our country. I haven't ever met him or talked to him, but he's the first person in a long time who I've been inspired by.

    BARKIN: Think about it. Do we know anything about Robert Redford's children? Does he even have any?
    DAMON: I worked with him, and I don't know.
    PITT: I have four, if you haven't heard.

    What other leading men do you like?
    CLOONEY: I like Clive Owen a lot. Did you see Children of Men?
    DAMON: That was my favorite movie last year.
    CLOONEY: Me too.
    DAMON: One of the most underrated actors right now as a leading man is Christian Bale. He turned in two great performances last year. He was great in The Prestige, and he was great in this movie called Harsh Times.

  • In an interview with The Insider Matt suggests that Ben may be a godparent to Isabella, but it could all be in jest - here:

    But does George feel a little left out given that Brad's a dad and Matt's on diaper patrol?

    "Yeah, deserters! That's what I call them," the sexy single star says with mock seriousness. "I'm the godfather to a bunch of kids, but a lot of my other friends, they didn't ask. It hurts a little bit."

    To which Matt replies: "Well, with the godfather, you basically find the richest person you know and you make them the godfather. So I went with Ben Affleck."

    "I had a bad year," says George, laughing.
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