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O13 LA premiere, Ultimatum still filming

  • Photos of Matt, Lucy and Casey Affleck at the Ocean's Thirteen premiere in Los Angeles are below, from yahoo, Getty Images and Matt Moments.

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  • Update: There's a video interview at Movieweb where Matt confirms that he has yet to wrap Bourne Ultimatum and that he's been enjoying a "welcome respite" away from the set while on O13 promotional duties. A transcript of that section follows from the joint interview at Cannes with George Clooney.

    (George says he has just finished making his film the previous Friday.)
    GC: And he’s [Matt] literally just...
    MD: In the middle of a film, trying to wrap a film, that... I had a welcome respite 'cause this whole thing happened so I got to leave the film. And eventually I will wrap. One day.
    GC: You assume.
    MD: Some day. It's going to come out in August.
    GC: You will wrap.
    MD: It has to wrap.
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