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O13 Chicago premiere

  • Photos from the Chicago premiere of Ocean's Thirteen are from Yahoo and Photorazzi.

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  • Reports from the premiere are here, here, here and here.

    The best way to describe the Chicago premiere of "Ocean's Thirteen," an event that attracted the film's stars George Clooney, Matt Damon, Ellen Barkin, Bernie Mac and Don Cheadle -- plus a surprise guest?

    It was simply wild, delicious, organized, happy chaos on Illinois Street Thursday night as an estimated 2,000 screaming fans cheered on their big-screen idols.

    For Damon, the selection of Chicago for the "Ocean's Thirteen" event was perfect. "It's nice we're doing this in the middle of the country and getting ordinary Americans talking about Darfur."

    On a lighter note, Damon joked about the prosthetic nose he wears in some scenes to disguise himself from Barkin. "I put on the first one and [director] Steven Soderbergh said, 'It's not big enough. I want bigger! No -- much, much bigger.' "It really got ridiculous. But it was funny -- and that was the whole point."
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