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Family photos, O13 opens well, various

  • Photos of Matt, Lucy and Isabella in New York's Soho area on Sunday with a nanny and Matt's brother Kyle, his wife Lori and their kids Jackson and Miles are at Just Jared and Celebrity Baby Blog, including the following. Isabella's first birthday is on Monday.

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  • From an interview at the Chicago premiere, as quoted at People online.

    Matt Damon and wife Luciana's daughter Isabella isn't walking yet – but she sure is flying.

    "We travel a lot but try to bring her everywhere," Damon, 36, told PEOPLE at the Chicago premiere of Ocean's Thirteen Thursday night.

    "She has 11 stamps on her passport. She has more stamps than I did when I was 30."

    Isabella, who turns 1 on Monday, is still learning to master the art of two-legged transportation: "She stands up and then realizes she's standing and down she goes," Damon said. "It's fun."

  • Ocean's Thirteen earned approximately $37.1 million over the opening weekend, and did well overseas. Details at E Online and The Hollywood Reporter.

    Ocean's Thirteen, the latest crime caper starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, et al, debuted atop the box office with $37.1 million, according to studio estimates Sunday.

    After two unthreatened weeks overseas, "At World's End" had to contend with the opening of Warner Bros. International's "Ocean's Thirteen," which tallied an estimated $28 million at about 4,200 screens in 30 markets.

    Bowing day-and-date with its No. 1 domestic debut, the third in director Steven Soderbergh's Las Vegas caper series, co-starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, already has grossed $65.1 million worldwide.

    "Thirteen" scored No. 1 bows in 20 markets, including the U.K. (an estimated $6.1 million from 699 sites), Spain ($3.4 million from 487 screens), Italy ($2.4 million from 526 locales) and Greece ($1.1 million from 118 situations).

  • Video footage of the Las Vegas premiere is at Access Hollywood, where Matt is told the results of an online Access poll that showed he was the hottest O13 star.

    "Let me see who’s the hottest star," Clooney said grabbing at our correspondents information card. "Yeah, but look," he stammered, pointing at the poll picture, "they doctor these photos."

    We can assure him, no photos were hurt while slicing together the image. The same can’t be said for Brad Pitt’s hot-guy trophy case. After hearing he lost out to Damon and Clooney, Pitt wasn’t quite sure how to take it.

    "Well look at that," he exclaimed. "There’s hope."

    And as for your winner Matt Damon? Before he rushed in the theatre, the father of two blushed at learning of his new Access reader appointed title: The Hottest "Ocean’s Thirteen" Star.

    "That’s crazy," he exclaimed. "Forty-seven percent of the people are totally crazy!"

  • From an article on the current World Series of Poker champ, Australian Joe Hachem, at the Sunday Herald-Sun:

    Poker ace Joe Hachem and wife Jeannie jetted to Cannes for 48 hours during the film festival to rub shoulders with the stars of new Hollywood blockbuster Ocean's 13.

    The world champion attended an exclusive private party with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Don Cheadle on board a $150 million yacht.

    "It absolutely rates in the top five of my best experiences since winning the tournament," Hachem said.

    "The funniest thing was everyone was dressed up in black ties and when we went to step on the yacht we were asked to take off our shoes and wear white fluffy slippers. No one was excluded."

    He later played poker with Damon, Cheadle and their partners at Hotel du Cap, where James Packer is soon to marry Erica Baxter.

    "Matt was exactly the way you'd expect him to be -- really down to earth and a doting new father -- and Don is a really avid poker player," Hachem said.

  • Magazine photos of Matt and family in Lake Como (previous boat pics) are at Life and Style and Star, thanks to Celebrity Baby Scoop.
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