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New campaign, photos

  • Photos of Matt and brother Kyle jogging in New York are at PopSugar.

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  • In the jogging pics Matt is wearing a t-shirt, which was highly appropriate as Matt is featured in the new campaign titled ONE Vote '08. More details about the campaign are below, with Matt introducing a new PSA on the issue at Ben Affleck has also now become involved with the One organisation, and states here that it was due to Matt's involvement.

    The anti-poverty campaign founded by U2 rocker Bono and others is investing $30 million to pressure the presidential candidates to focus on the oft-forgotten issue, with its leaders arguing on Monday that helping the poor is a national security issue.

    Dubbed ONE Vote '08, the bipartisan political push aims to get President Bush's successor to commit to taking concrete steps to combat hunger and disease while improving access to education and water across the globe.

  • A photo of balloons being delivered for Isabella's birthday celebrations is below from INF Daily, with more photos of the family walk on Sunday at PopSugar.

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