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More photos from Hawaii, Bourne video game, upcoming projects

  • Update: A New York Times article discusses various actor's upcoming projects as a potential strike looms, including:

    In one go-round, Paul Greengrass, finished with this August’s "Bourne Ultimatum," with Matt Damon, a client of Mr. Whitesell’s, has been trying to round up that star to shoot "Imperial Life in the Emerald City" for Universal and Working Title Films. But Mr. Damon is also looking at "The Informant," a conspiracy thriller to be directed by Steven Soderbergh for Warner Brothers.

    If Mr. Damon commits to both, and everything falls into place with the studios, that would mean a long delay for "The Fighter," a Paramount boxing film that is being lined up as a possible project for him with the director Darren Aronofsky. For that one, however, Mr. Damon would have to contend with weight fluctuations that would be difficult to control on a tight schedule. (Mr. Aronofsky is simultaneously developing another project for Universal, a spokeswoman for him said.)

  • More photos of Matt and family on the beach in Hawaii are at PopSugar, Flynet Online and Socialite's Life.

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  • An interview from 2006 has some new quotes here:

    Q: You’re a father now, with a step-daughter and a baby. Do you try and take the family with you when you are away filming for Bourne?

    MD: Yes, I do. In fact, we started in Tangier and they didn’t come for those few weeks and that was really, really miserable so we decided en masse, as a group, that we are just going to make a go of it on the road. It’s a new experience but it seems, knock on wood, that’s it’s going to be a good one for everybody.

    Q: Are you enjoying being a father?

    MD: It’s great and just for peace of mind. It’s great that we are all together and having all these adventures together. I’ve been on my own for so long on the road, you know, before these kids came along, and there was always that feeling of ‘I really want to show this to somebody.’ It grates on you after a while. So to have them here with me and to know that they are out having adventures when I’m at work is wonderful.

  • There will be a new Playstation and Xbox360 game based on the Bourne series, but Matt is not involved (as he indicated in the USA Today interview response to Maureen last December) - details here:

    High Moon president Peter Della Penna said in a statement, “Our developers at High Moon have collaborated closely with Mr. Ludlum's estate, the guardians of his creative vision. Our goal is to create a videogame inspired by known elements within the Bourne universe, elements that have captivated more than a quarter of a billion people worldwide, yet deliver original story and game play to establish a signature Jason Bourne game experience."
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