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New Ultimatum trailer, Hawaii pics, Empire magazine

  • Photos of Matt, Lucy, Ben and Jennifer surfing on Friday are at PopSugar.

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  • A new trailer for Bourne Ultimatum is at Apple trailers. Universal showed some clips from Ultimatum at the Cinema Expo in Amsterdam this week.

    In the morning, Universal Pictures Intl.'s first Cinema Expo presentation since the break-up of UIP went down a storm with Expo delegates.

    Sneaks of "The Bourne Ultimatum" drew predictable interest. UPI flagged up the box office potential of the latest installment in the franchise, which has banked more than $500 million worldwide.

  • A new US poster for Bourne Ultimatum is available from Cinematical:

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  • Runner Charlie Engle is supporting, and visited the office headquarters this week:

    Charlie has been an incredible advocate for ONE, and with the coming sure-to-be-spectacular Running the Sahara documentary—which chronicles this unprecedented expedition of pure endurance and will power. We are honored to work with and support Charlie, whom ONE’s President and CEO Susan McCue called a "hero in the sports world, and also a hero in the global poverty world."

  • Update: Matt is on the cover of the August 2007 issue of Empire magazine (UK). Here's the introductory text, but if anyone can scan the article that would be great.

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    Matt Damon: Undercover superstar
    He's the A-lister who the paps don't bother. He's an actor who's never let celebrity swamp his talent, who's never sold out. But how's Matt Damon looking forward to a life without Bourne?
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