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Running the Sahara, Edgar Ramirez

  • The African Children's Choir have recorded a song by composer Hans Zimmer for Running the Sahara - details here. The film does not have a distributor yet, but will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September.

    Uganda and Los Angeles met for three hours Friday in a dark, soundproof room at 1930 Camden Road. The result was three minutes of unadulterated joy.

    Twenty-one young Ugandans (and one Rwandan) from the African Children's Choir stopped by the Film Foundry to record an anthem for the documentary "Running the Sahara." It wasn't a long journey -- they drove from Raleigh, where they have a permanent American home -- but it resulted in a song that may be heard around the world when the film comes out.

  • Details of the Boise screening of The Bourne Ultimatum are here:

    The "Bourne" Screening — 5:30 p.m. Monday, July 30, at Egyptian Theatre, 700 W. Main St., Boise (screening only). Reception to follow at The Rose Room, 714 W. Idaho St., Boise. Film producer Frank Marshall and actor Matt Damon will appear at screening of "The Bourne Ultimatum," the third and final installment of the spy-thriller trilogy, to benefit Boise Contemporary Theater. Damon and Marshall will introduce the film and attend a post-screening reception. $40 for screening only at Egyptian box office, 387-1273; $100 for screening and reception at 331-9224, Ext. 201.

  • Edgar Ramirez talked about working with Matt and his role in Ultimatum in this Brazilian interview - translation errors are mine.

    Was it a very physical role?
    Not necessarily. There are certainly some intense physical scenes, but what is more interesting in this third chapter of the film is that this functions more like a psychological thriller. It switches between being a film of action and psychology. The tension is something that is constant. Although it also has blasts and action, it is not like that all the time. There is a lot that is black and highly psychological in this film and, for me, that has been the great pleasure in working on it.

    The other film in the Bourne series were very well received by the public and by the critics, which is unusual for this type of film. Do you think this one will be well received?
    Yes, undoubtedly. I am certain of that. Although you never know, but I am very satisfied with the result because even with the strength of the previous two this is going to give something more, and be more exciting.

    What was your relationship like with Matt Damon?
    It was great. He is very enthusiastic. It was a true pleasure to work with him, as I've always been a big fan of his. It has been a great privilege to be able to work with him, especially because the film is so good. He is a refined actor, very sold. He has great taste in choosing his films and is a big inspiration.
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