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Airport photos, Ultimatum

  • Photos of Matt arriving at Los Angeles airport on Friday are at Just Jared, including:

    Image Hosted by

  • Jeff Wells discusses the Bourne Ultimatum budget and considers an insider's early look at Hollywood Elsewhere, including:

    All big-studio movies seem to end up costing a fat pile, and it's hard to sustain an interest in such things when everything is $100 million this and $200 million that. I just want the film to be good, and a slightly prejudiced friend of Ultimatum tells me it's "flat-out great, and that's what should matter most of all.

    "One of the things that distinguishes the Bourne films is that authentic, you-are- there, on-the-ground subjective shooting style -- that near-verite trademark feel," he says. "The production visited Morocco, Paris, London, Spain, Berlin and New York, but the Bourne series is not one of those metastasizing, ever-inflating behemoths like some other franchises. [Director Paul] Greengrass has become an even more accomplished director since the last go-'round and his virtuosity is one of the things that is a hallmark for Ultimatum."

  • Roger Ebert, recovering after his illness, took a late look at The Departed in his four star review, including:

    Another amateur theologian, Hemingway, said it's good if you feel good afterward, and bad if you feel bad afterward. Colin and Billy feel bad all of the time, and so their lives involve a performance that is a lie. And that is the key to the performances of DiCaprio and Damon: It is in the nature of the movies that we believe most characters are acting or speaking for themselves. But in virtually every moment in this movie, except for a few key scenes, they are not. Both actors convey this agonizing inner conflict so that we can sense and feel it, but not see it; they're not waving flags to call attention to their deceptions.

  • The Australian 60 Minutes program interviewed Matt in Vegas during the week for a story just aired on Australian poker champ Joe Hachem. The transcript is available here - Peter Overton is the interviewer.

    PETER OVERTON: Joe's world crown was certainly no fluke. Since then, he's gone on to win another $5 million. He's now a poker superstar. Movie star Matt Damon is a huge fan. I believe you play a bit of poker with Joe?
    MATT DAMON: You didn't tell 'em what happened, did you?
    JOE HACHEM: Nope. I just said we had some fun. I didn't tell them how you beat me.
    MATT DAMON: Good. I mean, I just want to spare you the embarrassment, Joe.
    PETER OVERTON: What do you think of Joe, the bloke from the suburbs of Melbourne, now world champion?
    MATT DAMON: Poker can bring out the worst in people, but when you see somebody who's just winning with grace and class and dignity, it's nice.
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