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  • ET has been showing behind the scenes footage from Bourne Ultimatum all week, and Wednesday's clips were the best yet. Included was footage from the various car chase scenes, precision driving training in New Jersey, and lots of quotes from Matt about the fun he was having crashing cars.

    ET then showed some photos from the new issue of GQ, including the cover shot (a smiling Matt!) with a title of 'Matt Damon - Secret Agent Man' and other photos including Matt throwing a football, with a vintage car etc. Great photos.

  • The Empire magazine features in the August issue provide lots of details on the shooting schedule and glimpses of what to expect, along with lots of on-set photos. At the time of the interview (mid-June) they were close to 150 shooting days, and Matt had been there for 140 of them.

    Quotes from the main article and a separate interview with Matt:

    Both Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum represent a perfect bonding of director and actor. They've connected in a major way - each man has become the president of the other's fan club. "Paul is the best," says Damon, simply, while Greengrass returns the compliment.

    "Matt has that thing that great actors have: they can draw the world into them. The great, great footballers have it, too. Zidane would get the ball and just be able to seemingly stop time."

    [Greengrass on finishing the film]
    Of course, he's still got to finish this one first - "It'll go down to the wire," he grins - but there's an unmistakable air of confidence surrounding Greengrass. "You have to believe, when you're doing these films, that the ride you're putting together is the best one of the summer," he smiles.

    "If you go see The Rolling Stones play, you'd be disappointed if it didn't rock. You're gonna go see a Bourne movie and it's gonna absolutely fucking rock..."

    [On how Matt hasn't changed]
    Six years on, and Empire can attest, thanks to a variety of first- and second-hand testimonies, that Damon is still a nice guy, heavy on the self-deprecation ("I'm thinking of going on Letterman tonight and saying that I really think Ocean's Thirteen has a shot at the Oscar," he giggles).

    [Matt on making his next film with Greengrass]
    And in its own way, it presents a conundrum for Damon - the character actor trapped in a movie star's body, who's smart enough to know that stardom must be maintained if those Hollywood traffic lights are going to continue changing from red to green. Without Bourne, that's going to be harder, but you sense he's up for it.

    "I'm going to do Imperial Life in the Emerald City and that means Paul Greengrass can get all the money that he needs to make it the way he wants to make it," he says. "The other side of it, the fame side, is not interesting to me at all. It's about your name being worth enough in Hollywood to get a director all the resources he needs so you both cdan do the projects you want to do. That to me is the real win."
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