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Project update: Green Zone then Informant

  • Chud has a run-down on Matt's upcoming projects following an interview at the Ultimatum junket over the weekend.

    "I’m hoping to do the Green Zone movie [Imperial Life in the Emerald City] that Paul’s doing, but I don’t know," said Damon. "I’m doing The Informant with Steven Soderbergh, which we’ve been trying to do for years, starting April 15th. We have a strike coming, and Steven knows I want to do Paul’s movie so he moved all the way up so he’d basically go April 15th to June 30th, and the strike starts the next day. If Paul can get me in before April 15th on the Green Zone movie, then I can do it."

    So where does that leave The Fighter, the Boston-based boxing brothers movie Darren Aronofsky is directing and which was supposed to re-team Damon with his Departed co-star Mark Wahlberg? "The full script isn’t in yet," says Damon. "It’s another thing that's out there."

  • A transcript from part of the junket is at Moviesonline, which doesn't want any text to be copied elsewhere. So, there's updates on writing with Ben (Us was wrong - it's still in the talking stages, as always), Isabella (walking and pointing), the relief over Ultimatum's final cut and fighting scenes against younger opponents.
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