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Video interview, LA candid

  • There's a new interview with Matt by at YouTube where he discusses some non-Ultimatum topics: downloading and watching the whole season of 30 Rock online, eating with a tribal Chief in Zambia, and the discomfort of watching The 40 year old virgin and hearing his name referenced.

  • A preview of Monday's Boise premiere is here.

  • A candid of Matt in Los Angeles (same series as linked yesterday) from here.

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  • A caricature accompanying the New Yorker's review of Ultimatum (and some text) is below. The film got a two thumbs-up review from the Ebert and Roeper show Sunday.

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    Matt Damon, at least in the “Bourne” series, looks like a bullet. He has short hair, no stubble to speak of, and a blunt nose. In violent scenes, his eyes go dead, and he has a strong, compact body, which he hurls through the frame, ricocheting off walls, windows, cars, and fences. In person, Damon is thoughtful and friendly, with a ready smile, and he has shown an increasing range as an actor. Sociable and fast-talking in "The Departed," he was glum and all but immobile in "The Good Shepherd." As the C.I.A. assassin Jason Bourne, however, Damon is a smooth and deadly object.

  • From People online's sightings.

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    Following the premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum, Matt Damon and his real-life leading lady, wife Luciana, celebrated at Hollywood's Palladium. The couple were joined by his mom at a reserved table inside the afterparty, a secret-agent-themed bash with a backdrop of New York's skyline and white orchids floating on every table. Damon’s BFF Ben Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner stopped by, too, and had had plenty of people who wanted to say hi to them. Says an onlooker: "All eyes truly were on the Damons and Afflecks."
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