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Times interview, Greengrass

  • Here's an interesting interview with Matt at the Times, including the following. The very cool Tesla is pictured here.

    The tyre-smoking chase scene culminates in one of the biggest crashes in cinema history, a fact that Matt Damon might have reservations about. In real life, Damon anguishes over the damage automobiles are doing to the planet, even when they are driven sedately.

    "I drive a Toyota Prius and I have one of the Lexus hybrids," he says. "Next year I’m getting a Tesla Roadster, which I’m very, very excited about. It’s an electric car, gets about 250 miles to the charge and is fast as hell! I can’t wait to get it. Driving a green car is one of the ways we can all do a little more, so I’m trying to do that."

    "Ben had a big black 1969 Cadillac we called the Batmobile," he remembers. "It was huge and had dark tinted windows and you’d start it up and it would go ‘glug, glug, glug’. It probably did five miles to the gallon, and we would drive around our home town in it. It could barely get down some streets – you had to start slowly turning the steering wheel well before you got to the corner. But cars like that are definitely in our past."

    "Sometimes I wish I could go back to sleeping on the couch," he says. "I think back to those days when I was sleeping on friends’ couches. For years I had two duffel bags and I went from set to set and everything I had in the world was in those two bags. I didn’t have a house. I had nothing. And I loved that and there was incredible freedom in it; I could be in and out of a place in a minute – I could have everything on my body and moving. And now I have 20 bags and cribs and strollers and Pack ’n Plays."

    On his CD changer
    Everything by U2– I’m a big fan. Also Moby and Elliot Smith. My wife is Argentinian and I’ve taken tango lessons, although I’m not very good at it, so I listen to Latin music too. I don’t want to generalise about my wife but I love being connected to that side to her.

  • A profile of Paul Greengrass is at the Observer.

  • An interview with Bourne composer John Powell is here.

    "I finally realized I should damned well thank Matt Damon," Powell says. "That's where the consistency of this series comes, it's completely in his head and his eyes."

  • A possible movie project (which has been rumored before) from Jam Showbiz:

    Damon to play Ness?

    If Seven and Zodiac director David Fincher gets his wish, Matt Damon's next identity will be Eliot Ness.

    Producer Don Murphy tells Sun Media that Fincher wants Damon to star in the grisly, fact-based thriller Torso. The film, based on a graphic novel, will explore how Ness, after bringing down Al Capone, saw his political ambitions crumble when he failed to catch a brutal serial killer who littered Cleveland with dismembered corpses.

    Fincher's determination to cast Damon could prove a hurdle, though. The director is still wrapping The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with Brad Pitt.

    And Damon, whose The Bourne Ultimatum opened Friday, is committed to film Imperial Life in the Emerald City and The Informant before next June, when the actors and writers guilds are expected to strike.

  • In a longer interview with an Australian interviewer (short version here), Matt says (as expected) that he will not be bringing his family to Australia this week. Matt has already arrived in Sydney.

    Damon says he is disappointed to be making the trip solo this time.

    "Australia is the one place I'm not going with them," he says. "We were going to do a whole trip because last time I went I brought Lucy and my step-daughter and my mother-in-law and my brother and his wife and their kids -- and we had a whole group go down and stay for a week after I did the press things and we had a great time.

    "This time, unfortunately, the UK premiere is August 15 so that doesn't give us enough time."
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