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Australian press continues

  • No photos yet from the Melbourne premiere. However, earlier in the day a shamless press opportunity was arranged to "Welcome Matt to Victoria" by the Victorian Premier, John Brumby. Watermarked photos only at this stage from AAP, with a story from the Herald Sun - a video and photo is currently at the site's homepage.

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    Brumby asks Matt Damon to run for Labor

    Victorian Premier John Brumby today received a ringing endorsement from actor Matt Damon - then tried to talk him into running for Labor in a by-election. Before tonight's Melbourne opening of his latest film, The Bourne Ultimatum, Damon took to the roof of Victoria's parliament house where he met Mr Brumby.

    Asked if he had to meet a lot of politicians on his publicity tour, the action hero replied: "Some, yeah, very few as cool as John Brumby ... you know we democrats stick together."

    Mr Brumby, who took over as premier last week, did his best to convince the Hollywood star to replace either former premier Steve Bracks in the safe Labor seat of Williamstown or former deputy premier John Thwaites in Albert Park.

    "We're looking for a great candidate, you know - we democrats stick together - it's a very good seat (Williamstown), nice, seaside seat, safe seat," Mr Brumby said to Damon.

    In response Damon offered up a potential campaign slogan: "My platform will be, 'I've never been there, but I hear great things'."

  • Interview with Sydney radio stations are here and here.

  • WebCarpetLive has been updated with LA premiere interviews and footage.

  • More photos from the Sydney premiere are at Just Jared and PopSugar. A report on the premiere is here. Video footage is at yahoo or The Age.

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    Damon's swooning fans happy

    Flying solo may not make for a happy Hollywood dad, but Matt Damon's Sydney fans loved having the star all to themselves last night, at the premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum.

    The Oscar-winner spent time signing autographs and posing for happy snaps outside the State Theatre, before joining VIP guests inside for the special screening.

  • A column by New York Post columnist Cindy Adams a few days ago (main item!) claimed (unsourced and likely untrue) there would be a Bourne sequel.

    With "The Bourne Ultimatum" vacuuming up money, the ultimatum now is - providing Matt Damon can careen on, the franchise must march on. This was to be the end of the line. Matt's even acknowledged that he's marching toward Social Security. But nobody pre-figured this to be such a blockbuster. None of the suits were prescient enough to tag this best of the three by far.

    Difficulties in shooting it included the fact that, for whatever reasons, dialogue got sort of made up as they sort of went along. Not that this thing's heavy on dialogue. Barring grunts, groans and oofs and ughs, the whole hour and 45 minutes has maybe seven words. Maybe eight. Matt Damon never had to worry about his memory, just his muscles.

    Anyway, this is to announce that "The Bourne Again" or whatever-the-hell their next one will be called is a done deal. Jason Bourne marches on.

  • A Forbes magazine follow-up story at the Independent, which focuses on Matt.
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