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More interviews, Arthur

  • A new interview with Matt at the UK Telegraph:

    Damon's instincts for a good script proved correct - while only The Departed was a box-office success, all three proved huge critical favourites. With the Bourne movies and this year's Ocean's 13, Damon has had seven successive hits.

    According to Greengrass, Damon is "the finest actor working in Hollywood today". He points out that Damon has helped to develop Bourne's character (Damon, of course, is also an acclaimed scriptwriter, winning a best screenplay Oscar in 1997 for his and Ben Affleck's Good Will Hunting) and praises his "amazing instinct for emotional truth".

    He also says that Damon "is a fine physical actor. People think that it's easy to do running and jumping, but doing something believable with that precision and power is incredible - it's like being an amazing sportsman."

    [Damon] stops and smiles. "So while shooting the Bourne films has been amazing for me, maybe the last one wasn't so amazing for everyone."

  • Excerpts from a Daily Telegraph opinion piece about Matt's recent visit to Australia:

    For once, nice guy comes first

    If he's ever looking for a career change, Matt Damon could do worse than set up a training academy to coach his fellow matinee idols in humility. Unlike some of his peers, Damon knows on which side his imported sourdough bread is buttered.

    Considering how well paid and overindulged the average cinematic superstar is, that Damon is a genuinely decent guy shouldn't be an anomaly. And yet it is. Articulate, well-informed, humorous and tirelessly polite, Damon is unfailingly gracious in his dealings with colleagues, fans and journalists.

  • Two lengthy Australian video interviews with Matt are at the Channel 10 website.

  • The HBO preview of Bourne Ultimatum is now available in three YouTube clips: one, two, and three. Thanks again to Andrea of David Strathairn Online.

  • As mentioned previously, Matt will play himself on the 3 September episode of the PBS cartoon show called Arthur. Here's a picture of cartoon Matt from Pop Candy. They've even done a cartoon version of Matt's shirt - as seen below in this photo from Rome a few years ago (below).

    Image Hosted by Free Image Hosting at

  • A new spin on an old story from here, derived from an interview in the current UK issue of OK magazine.

    Matt explained in an interview with Britain's OK! magazine: "I kept my Oscar at my apartment in New York, but then my apartment was flooded. A sprinkler broke while were out of town. It was really weird.

    "It was about two weeks after my daughter Isabella was born and I'm sure it was like one of those deals you make with God. When Luciana was in labour, I said, 'Please take everything in the world away from me, but please don't take my wife or daughter.'

    "Two weeks later I got a phone call and they said, 'I'm in your apartment! Everything you have in the world is gone!'

    "I was holding my daughter and I said, 'OK, don't worry about it.' I'm sure on some level there was some kind of cosmic deal I made for it."

  • An article from the Onion about Ben wanting to be a part of the next Bourne movie. Note the source.
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