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Spanish interview, Arthur

  • A Spanish interview with Matt is here, conducted while Matt is on 'holiday' in Cadiz, with a photo from here.

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  • An excerpt from the Guardian review of Bourne Ultimatum.

    It's all very absurd, but there's no doubt about it: the Bourne franchise delivers more entertainment-bangs for your buck than anything else comparable. And it's an action movie with an IQ.

  • More on Matt's appearance on Arthur, from the Boston Globe:

    Matt Damon is on the big screen as Jason Bourne, the amnesiac former assassin in "The Bourne Ultimatum."

    But on Labor Day, Damon will have a much fuzzier role in an animated guest appearance on "Arthur," the PBS children's show about a friendly aardvark. Damon will play himself, bedecked with bear ears, as part of "Postcards from You," an initiative to encourage young viewers to make their own videos.

    "As we were thinking of possible guests, Matt Damon made sense," said Pierre Valette, the show's executive producer, based at WBGH in Boston.

    Damon's a filmmaker, he's from the Boston area, he's a young father and the head writer -- Peter Hirsch -- was Damon's classmate at Harvard, Valette said. Valette said the actor took a break from filming "The Bourne Ultimatum," to tape "Arthur" at a studio in Miami, when an animator also drew the actor.

    When the producers were creating Damon's characters' surroundings, they turned to works by his brother, Cambridge-based artist Kyle Damon, for inspiration.

    "I thought why not decorate his studio and his home with his brother's artwork," Valette said.

    The show will air on PBS stations nationwide on Sept. 3.
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