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London premiere

  • Photos, videos and reports from the London premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum are at Just Jared, PopSugar, Empire, ContactMusic, SuperstarCouples, Metro, Indie London, BBC, Daily Mail, Extra and Gossip Genius.

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    The rain didn't stop the film's star Matt Damon entertaining the crowd. He spent an hour and a half signing autographs and kissing female fans - even though he reckons at 36 he is too old to be a heart-throb.

    Matt said: "I've got more grey hairs than Brad Pitt. And what's wrong with that? We're not as young as we used to be. Fatherhood has changed us. No more late nights and hanging around Ronnie Scott's listening to jazz like we used to."

    "This is the first $100-million student movie!" says the wonderfully charged Greengrass as he greets Empire. "Matt and I did the student bit and the studio dealt with the $100 million bit!".

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    Matt Damon has been taunting rival George Clooney after being named Hollywood's most bankable star. Damon recently topped a list compiled by US business magazine Forbes, which worked out that he brings in 29 dollars at the box office for every £1 of his salary.

    And he is using it to get his own back on friend and Ocean's Thirteen co-star Clooney, who is regularly named the world's sexiest man. Damon even sent a copy of the Forbes list to Clooney at his Italian home.

    "The email that went out to George said, 'Suck it, sexy boy,' and I attached the article," Damon revealed.

    "He replied saying, 'That's great, I had that read to me by one of the servants at my villa'."

  • Matt will be visiting Mexico City from September 2-4 to promote Ultimatum - details here.

  • More information on the Arthur episode from Animation Magazine:

    "Matt Damon made a lot of sense because he’s a filmmaker and is supportive of other filmmakers," says Valette. "He thought the idea was great and he made himself available to not only act in the episode, but to be animated, which I think for him was pretty exciting."

    Cookie Jar animation director Greg Bailey was able to sketch Damon in person to capture his likeness and translate it for Arthur’s world. For the backgrounds, the animators had to create an environment where Damon would live and what his office looks like. "We realized that Matt’s brother, Kyle Damon, is a wonderful sculptor and painter, so our animation artists used his artwork as a basis for all the backgrounds that Matt appears in," Valette notes. "So there’s that nice collaboration with his brother."
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