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Toronto events, new role in Gus Van Sant movie

  • There will be a presentation of Running the Sahara on Saturday in Toronto, with Matt, Ben, director James Moll and others attending. Details here.

  • At the Deauville press conference, Matt said he has a small role in the upcoming Gus Van Sant movie about murdered San Francisco official Harvey Milk. Clips from the press conference are available in this YouTube video. Matt says in the clip that it is "a great script that Sean Penn is doing" - Penn had not been previously attached to the movie. Details about the competing Harvey Milk bio-pics are at this Hollywood Elsewhere story (details have certainly changed since the project was announced in April 2007).

    Gus Van Sant talked about his interest in the project in this PlanetOut interview a few years ago.

  • Rumors about The Informant filming in Chicago from here.

  • Here's a National Post profile on Matt, including:

    Damon helped build the Bourne franchise around himself with other character actors, such as Joan Allen and David Strathairn, the director Paul Greengrass and exceptional screenwriter Tony Gilroy. It paid off -- Bourne trois has to date grossed over US$250-million worldwide, and the whole franchise is probably going to crack the billion-dollar mark. It's because Damon et al. (like Robert Ludlum himself ) have figured out how to make entertainment that's both intelligent and crowd-pleasing.

    It proves that brains and commerce aren't mutually exclusive at the box office. Smart, but not smug (see Clooney, George). Add to that Damon's common, Midas touch: If his vague Boston accent is not quite the folksy aw shucks drawl of Jimmy Stewart, it certainly is in spirit. In a recent photo op at Cannes, the blockbuster star sported basic chinos, a polo and nice but workman-like hiking boots. Jimmy Stewart wouldn't have worn Gucci loafers, either.

  • A Greendimes story at the New York Times, including:

    Today, GreenDimes has 16 employees who manage accounts for 50,000 members. Many of them signed up after the actor Matt Damon, who sits on the board, promoted the site on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

    But hurdles have not stopped Mr. Shah from, as he calls it, "stepping on the gas," to make GreenDimes more accessible and more competitive. The company — the name was based on the annual $36 fee, which amounts to a dime a day to stop junk mail — recently dropped its fee to $15 with a $5 rebate for referrals.
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