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Toronto Film Festival

  • Matt, Ben, Don Cheadle, director James Moll and the three runners of Running the Sahara attended a private screening and after-party in Toronto on Saturday. Photos from Yahoo.

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  • An article about the event from

    Damon promotes water shortage in Africa at TIFF

    While the stars promote their movies at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, Oscar-winner Matt Damon is promoting global humanitarian efforts.

    On Saturday, Damon screened "Running the Sahara," presented by CTV and Diesel, in support of H2O Africa.

    Damon produced and narrated the documentary which chronicles the historic 111-day trek of three runners -- Canadian Ray Zahab, U.S. runner Charlie Engle and Taiwanese athlete Kevin Lin.

    The three men were the first runners in modern history to cross the Sahara desert. Their goal was to raise awareness for H2O Africa, a non-profit organization designed to bring clean water to African countries in need.

    "I went running with Charlie once and I was telling him about long runs and how my body started to break down," Damon told CTV News on Saturday.
    Engle had little sympathy for Damon, telling him, "You have to reevaluate your relationship to pain."

    Damon commended CTV and other partners who helped to bring the documentary to the festival.

    "For us, you're making it all happen. We can't thank you enough," Damon said.

  • Later in the evening Matt, Lucy, Matt's father Kent and his wife Celeste attended the TIFF premiere of The assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford, which stars Casey Affleck and Brad Pitt. Photos from Getty Images, CTV and Yahoo.

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  • An interview with Casey at the Los Angeles Times is here.

  • The Bourne Ultimatum will be released on DVD on 11 December in the US, according to the New York Times.
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