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Darfur video, Clooney

  • More details about the Mettafix song for Darfur, and Matt's comments in the introduction to the video, are at The Times. The video will be available at the Globe for Darfur site later today, but the song is previewed here.

    If the time is not completely past when soap stars will weep on cue at images of babies with distended bellies, a new breed of celebrity advocate may be eclipsing them. Damon, for example, the all-action star of The Bourne Ultimatum, talks more like a UN delegate than a Hollywood A-lister.

    Peace is possible in Darfur, he says, if the international community demands an immediate ceasefire and provides the peacekeepers that "they have talked about for months". He adds: "Once these conditions are in place and if the government of Sudan sticks to its agreements, we can finally talk about helping to rebuild the country and overcome the dreadful suffering and poverty in the region."

  • More video of Matt at the Toronto Film Festival is at Access Hollywood, including George Clooney commenting on Matt's casual attire at George's premiere.

  • Another video from the Oklahoma City charity premiere of Bourne Ultimatumis available here, including producer Frank Marshall praising Matt.

    Marshall: He's the greatest. You can see how down to earth he is. He's so smart, he's a wonderful, wonderful actor. He's smart, he cares, he wants to give back. I can't say enough. He's just a great, great guy... There's no baloney here. He's a genuine, genuine, sincere human being and I love him.

  • George Clooney discusses Matt (seriously, for once) in an interview at Paris March magazine, transcribed at Clooney Studio. George mentions their frequent, long discussions about rebuilding the world, and provides more details about his rebuttal to Matt's Forbes magazine article.

  • A scan from People magazine, thanks to Stacie.

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