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Boston v New York

  • From the Boston Herald's Inside Track column:

    Matt's praise of Big Apple shakes us to the core
    By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa, Friday, February 25, 2005

    "Ocean's 12" star Matt Damon has got to stop hanging out with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Because the next thing ya know, Matt will be wearing a Yankees cap!

    Bloomberg's Big Apple brainwashing of our "Good Will Hunting" hunk was revealed yesterday on a New York radio station that ran sound bites of Matt gushing that Gotham - "our city" - was "the greatest city in the world."

    And it appears this breach of hometown loyalty has nothing to do with the full moon.

    Apparently our Bourne-in-Cambridge cutie, who was tapped by Bloomberg to schmooze members of the International Olympic Committee the other night, is going through an Identity crisis similar to the one that uprooted the Meffa-bred Manhattanite oh-so-many years ago.

    Someone get Curt Schilling up here for an intervention!

    Matt and galpal Luciana Barroso, who holes up in Damon's digs in Washington Square when the Hollywood It Boy is on hiatus, were amongst the gang of glitterati that turned up at the mayor's townhouse to spread the news that New York, New York was the only site for the 2012 Summer Games.

    Whoopi Goldberg was there, along with Meryl Streep, Henry Kissinger, Vera Wang, Barbara Walters and even "The Gates" duo, Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

    "Are you sure someone didn't slip anything into his drink?" asked Damon's best pal - and Cambridge School Committee member - Mark McGovern when told of Matt's Benedict Arnold act.

    "If Matt wants to give up his ticket to Opening Day, I'd be more than happy to have it," said Damon's bud, who is still a Sox fan. "But I think I'll hold off judgment until he starts hanging around with A-Rod."
    Well, how 'bout Derek Jeter?

    According to Us Weekly, Matt and the Yankees shortstud were recently spotted playing blackjack at a private table at the Atlantis Casino on Paradise Island.

    "Oh, God, what is happening?" McGovern sighed. "He better come home real quick so we can reprogram him. He's spending way too much time in New York."

    We tried getting the box office biggie on the blower to defend his comments, but his publicist, Jennifer Allen, said he was "in meetings all day."

    Cambridge Mayor Michael Sullivan told the Track he's not too worried about Matt severing ties with his 'hood.

    "I think many people claim to be from Cambridge, but when it comes down to it, Matt and Ben (Affleck) still have a deep appreciation for their roots," said Hizzonah. "Whatever assistance he gave Mayor Bloomberg was a flash in the pan. His heart is still in Cambridge."

    Vice Mayor Marjorie Decker, who played Little League with Damon, sprung to her old chum's defense by saying that "after 9/11, we all think New York is our town."

    "Matt's a good team player," she said. "And being from Cambridge has allowed him to be in love with many cities. Even if he said the same thing about Boston, we wouldn't be upset."

    Oh, really? Hub Mayor Tom Menino chimed in that if Matt spent more time "on this side of the river," this New York thing "wouldn't be an issue."
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