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Ben, De Niro, cake day

  • A quote from Ben at the SF Gate:

    The enormous success of the "Bourne" franchise has made Damon one of Hollywood's most bankable stars. In recent interviews, he's said that Affleck's flair for directing has "changed the dynamic that our partnership can have. I can act in a movie he directs."

    "Matt is hot as a firecracker," Affleck said, his voice filled with pride and not a hint of jealously that his pal catapulted to the big time before him. "I hope he's looking to land us something we can work on together."

  • In an interview at the Japan Times, Robert De Niro says for the first time that he wanted John Turturro as the lead for The Good Shepherd:

    The cast is very impressive, are you happy with the result?

    The casting is the one of the most important things about a movie, especially for something as heavyweight as this. If the actor is not right it makes things that much more difficult. My first choice for the role of Wilson was John Turturro, but the shooting schedule clashed with him taking care of his mother, who was unwell at the time. It got to the point where I had to shoot scenes around him and without him, just to give him an extra two or three days to change his mind. But then his mother passed away and John agreed to play another role, that of Wilson's assistant. My next choice was Leonardo DiCaprio but his schedule didn't fit either and so I asked Matt Damon to come on board. Of course, I was very happy with what Matt did for us — he was wonderful. He had to work under duress, and had to agree to a big pay cut . . . We all had to take a cut.

  • An interesting look at Matt and his family from a journalist who met the young Matt - here:

    I can attest to it: Matt Damon truly is a nice guy.

    Believe the hype.

    Believe it because he’s the type of guy who refuses to believe it.

  • Happy birthday to Matt, who is 37 today. His birthday horoscope is here, and October 8 in history is detailed here.

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