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  • Scans from Us and Star magazine are below, thanks to Stacie. Provided solely for entertainment purposes as the contents are spurious. A scan of Matt in EW's current Photo Issue is available at The text from EW is below and the photo and text is now on the EW site (and photo below).

    Image Hosted by Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

    Sure, they clean up awfully well. But what do actors wear when they're just portraying...themselves? EW asked a few of today's most vibrant stars to pose in their favorite tees--and cotton to what makes the garments so great.

    Matt Damon
    Damon got off a plane and headed straight to our shoot...but the Bourne star wasn't fully able to complete the assignment. This navy tee is just a comfortable shirt he likes to wear. Had he not been away from home for the previous six months, the jet-set Boston native says, "I would have brought my 'Jesus Hates the Yankees' T-shirt."

  • An article at has the following potential start dates for two of Matt's potential projects. The Informant and The Human Factor were not included on the list.

    Harvey Milk (Focus) - 14 January
    Green Zone (Working Title) - February

  • Another quote from Jake Gyllenhaal here - and there's a separate quote from him about The Good Shepherd, again, here.

    With that in mind, Gyllenhaal has his eyes on the prize of a "Daredevil" Affleck and more Matt Damon. "I’d love to play a really cool character like Jason Bourne," he gushed. “Not necessarily a superhero, but definitely a cool character that does great, fun [real-world] action."

  • From an interview with Mark Wahlberg at MTV.

    Just nine short months ago, Wahlberg was swept up by his first Oscar nomination, and he insists he'll never forget his dear "Departed" friends. "It was nice just to see how proud my parents were. ... Seeing Marty win was great," he grinned. "I got a lot of nice gifts. Jack Nicholson sent me a beautiful bottle of champagne and a letter congratulating me, as well as Matt Damon."

  • An all female director/studio executive roundtable discusses the role of women in action films at Salon, including:

    Kimberley Peirce: The danger is when you earmark movies for women. You picked up on something to me that was really interesting, that women would go to what’s typically a boy movie if the boys are emotive, right? There’s something interesting to me about that, because it’s like, "Why did they like ‘The Bourne’?" It’s got all that testosterone, but I imagine it appeals greatly to women, right?
    Donna Langley: Yes, they don’t drive it right off the bat, but they do go. They’re going because of Matt.
    Nora Ephron: Yes, because they’re hoping that Matt Damon will wake up remembering them. [Laughter]

  • A new LivePlanet project with Aaron Stockard is referenced here.

    Film rights to Marcus Sakey's debut crime thriller THE BLADE ITSELF, about a young man who realizes his new life hinges on a terrible choice and the lengths he will go to protect his future from his past, to Miramax, with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's LivePlanet producing, and Aaron Stockard (GONE BABY GONE) adapting, by Sarah Self at The Gersh Agency on behalf of Scott Miller at Trident Media Group.

  • In Tanzania, Matt and Ben met with Pact Tanzania to discuss corruption issues - from here.

    Image Hosted by

    In September 2007, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, representing the NGO DATA, paid a low-key visit to Tanzania to learn more about the issues around poverty reduction, HIV/AIDs and corruption. On the final day of their visit, they met with journalists trained by Pact Tanzania on investigative journalism to learn more about how the media is fighting and reporting on corruption.

  • And a quote from Casey Affleck at VNU Newswire:

    Is he worried that he might run into the pitfalls Ben faced when he achieved stardom? (Remember "Bennifer"?)

    "No," says Casey. "You can be as big a movie star as there is and retain some sense of privacy and have a private life. I walk down the street with Matt Damon and the paparazzi don't follow him around."
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