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Matt attends Boston premiere of Gone, Baby, Gone

  • Matt and Lucy attended the Boston premiere of Ben's film Gone, Baby, Gone on Monday night. In an interview at the premiere, Matt said he is leaving for Japan (to promote The Bourne Ultimatum) on Tuesday morning, but the trip was postponed so Matt could be at Ben and Casey's premiere. Reports are at the Boston Herald and Boston Globe. Video from the premiere, including interviews with Matt, are at WBZ and NECN. In the videos Lucy is seen greeting Matt's mother Nancy and her husband Doug, and Matt is shown greeting Nancy. Thanks to Reyluree at the Ben Affleck Fan Forum for the video links. The photo of Matt and Lucy leaving the after-party is from Celebutopia.

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    But Ben’s best bud, Matt Damon, who made the red-carpet scene at the AMC Boston Common to support Affleck, said he’d be "Gone Baby Gone" as soon as the Sox-Indians game started!

    "This is the biggest night of Ben’s career but we have our priorities straight," Damon laughed. "We’ll be sneaking out back as soon as the film starts. Are you kidding, we’re watching the game live."

    Boston Globe

    Ben Affleck made a triumphant return last night, hosting a premiere of his new movie - and directorial debut - "Gone Baby Gone." The film, which opens Friday, was shot in and around Dorchester, and many of the locals who had a hand in making the movie showed up at the AMC Loews Boston Common. But imagine our surprise when Ben's buddy Matt Damon arrived with his wife, Luciana Barroso. The hardest-working man in Hollywood told us he's already seen "Gone Baby Gone" 10 times. "[Directing] is really huge for Ben," said Damon. "Not that writing and acting aren't important, but directing is at a whole different level... He ran this whole show." The "Bourne Ultimatum" star didn't stick around long, telling us he wanted to catch some of the Sox game. "I'm feeling really good about them," Damon said. "I think we're gonna kill them."

  • From an interview with Casey at the New York Daily News:

    Affleck's friends and fellow actors tease him about being insecure and preferring to work from a state of unease.

    At Cannes to promote their movie "Ocean's Thirteen," Matt Damon said, "Because Casey is so neurotic, I read the 'Jesse James' script about seven times. ... He would want to rehearse for his auditions over the phone. And we'd talk and talk and talk. Casey would talk for four hours. Honestly, I wouldn't say anything; he would just talk it through in his head. Then I'd finally say, 'Dude, I don't know what else to tell you!' Then he'd call up his brother and do the same thing for another four hours. He just really wanted that role."

    Affleck laughs when hearing Damon's anecdote. "When I like something, when I get excited creatively, it's hard to turn my brain off," he admits. "It doesn't happen that often."
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