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Matt attends Patriots game in Miami

  • Matt attended a New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins game in Miami on Sunday as a guest of Patriots owner Bob Kraft. Reports from the Providence Journal and the Boston Globe; photos from Yahoo and the Globe.

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    Boston native and die-hard Red Sox fan Matt Damon was at the game. On the field during warm-ups, Damon was wearing a green Sox hat, but as he strolled with Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Kraft had him switch to a Pats hat.

    Fresh off a trip to Japan where his "Bourne Ultimatum" just opened in theaters [sic], Matt Damon (above right) was at Dolphins Stadium to see Patriots QB Tom Brady throw a team-record six touchdown passes. Damon and his wife Luciana Barroso have a home in Miami, but the Cambridge native was the guest of Pats owner Bob Kraft (above left).
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