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Jeter's reply

  • From the NY Post:

    Derek Jeter was spotted a few weeks ago in the Bahamas playing blackjack with actor Matt Damon — a noted Red Sox fan.

    "Great guy," Jeter said. "There's no chance of him switching. He's pretty loyal."

  • From a pre-Oscar interview with Martin Scorsese at the LA Times:

    Scorsese has to have the documentary done quickly because in late April the cameras roll in Boston on his next feature, a "modern noir" genre piece inspired by the 2002 Hong Kong thriller "Wu Jian Dao" ("Infernal Affairs"). It's been reset among Boston's Irish American mob and police department, with DiCaprio playing an undercover cop who infiltrates the mob, Matt Damon a mob guy who infiltrates the police force and Jack Nicholson an Irish mob boss — Jack back doing menace after his forays into lonely souls and a farce or two. The film is titled "The Departed," after all their pals who have gone on to a not-necessarily-better place.

    Scorsese had sworn off making gangster pictures until he got the William Monahan script and saw "the characters were all duplicitous and all deceiving each other and ultimately all wind up in a kind of elegant ... a pretty bad end."

    With that, he wrings his hands in glee — he's long gotten a hoot out of this side of human nature. He finds a similarly delicious worldview in his bedtime readings of "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey."

  • Expect some Bourne Supremacy and Matt references in Chris Rock's monologue and comments during the Oscars as he keeps commenting on the film - from

    Zap2it: What were your favorite movies this past year?

    Rock: I loved "Sideways" and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." I really enjoyed "Ray" and "The Incredibles," then there are the movies I enjoyed that would never get nominated for best picture. To me, the best ones were "The Bourne Supremacy" and "Spider-Man 2." I had a ball at both those movies. What was better than Matt Damon as Jason Bourne? Please, somebody tell me.

  • Another photo and caption from People Online:

    Good sports

    Matt Damon and girlfriend Luciana Barroso get decked out for a dinner at New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg's townhouse on Wednesday. The soiree was in honor of members of the International Olympic Committee's evaluation commission, in town to meet about the possibility of the city hosting the 2012 Games.

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  • A wonderfully laconic Aussie comment about Matt from Alan Webber, the father of Australian GP driver Mark Webber (who met Matt at the Monaco Grand Prix last year) is here. He doesn't like Arnold or Naomi Campbell, but:

    "That Matt Damon, he was a fairly decent chap."
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