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New Kimmel skit, Bourne

  • Matt apparently filmed a new skit for Jimmy Kimmel's show in Miami last week. The air date for the skit is unknown. Details at the Miami Herald's Scene in the tropics blog.

    Sarah Silverman Sighting at Delano
    The wacky comedienne is currently filming a skit at the Delano for her boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel's show. If you're in the area, check it out. It's bound to be more amusing than random Halloween stuff. Turns out Matt Damon was in the skit, too. Says a spy, "they were dancing around the Delano today, filming something."

  • Matt talks about Ben and their daughters playing together in this Italian interview, and Ben talks about Matt promoting Gone Baby Gone for months in this Spanish interview.

  • The upcoming Bourne Ultimatum DVD release will include a commentary by Paul Greengrass, amongst other features.

  • From an article at Time on producing partners Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy:

    Thanks to their money-in-the-bank track record, studios trust them, so Kennedy and Marshall manage to talk executives into some extraordinary things. Shortly before the opening of The Bourne Supremacy, Marshall got a call from its star, Matt Damon, who was on the Lake Como, Italy, set of Ocean's 12. Damon had talked with a screenwriter there and come up with an ending for Supremacy that he and the director, Paul Greengrass, liked better than the original, which left test audiences unmoved.

    "I said, 'Matt, the movie comes out in two weeks. What are you talking about? We're done,'" recalls Marshall. After hearing the idea, however, Marshall was convinced it was worth the risk, so he and Damon called then Universal chairwoman Stacey Snider and pitched it. "I said, 'I don't want to hear it,'" says Snider, who is now at DreamWorks. But she did. Damon recalls, "There was a long pause, and she said, 'S___, that's good.'"

    Snider ultimately agreed to spend an extra $200,000 to film a new ending, and within days Marshall secured locations and flew Damon from Lake Como for a reshoot. "As much as I adore Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass, it was Frank who I could look at and say, 'Can you really accomplish this?'" says Snider. The movie tested 10 points higher with the new ending and made $176 million at the box office.

  • Update: A new press release about the Bourne Ultimatum DVD release claims there will be a commentary by Matt and Paul Greengrass - details here. (Initiially it was reported there wouldn't be a commentary track, then it was going to be one with Paul solo, so I suppose we now wait and see.)
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