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Emerald City to shoot in January

  • From Empire Online:

    Empire caught up with the delightful, and delightfully shaggy-haired, Paul Greengrass recently and the director dropped a couple of tidbits on what to expect of his next film with Matt Damon, Imperial Life in the Emerald City.

    "Is it a very different sensibility to Bourne? I don't know, we haven't made it yet," Greengrass said. "I'm certainly very pleased with it. It's much more me, and about things I love to do. It's about exploring the world we live in and it will be a very good time".

    Greengrass also said that the film will begin shooting in January. He wouldn't be drawn on exactly what character Damon would play, but it sounds like we're very much getting Greengrass wearing serious hat here, with this probably being a very good companion piece to United 93.

  • An excerpt of Ben Affleck's interview on Larry King Live, when discussing Gone baby gone:

    B. AFFLECK: Yes, Matt was very helpful, actually. You know, Matt -- you know, I kind of waited to show it to him until I was in the middle of cutting the movie, because you would only get, you know, one chance to show somebody something for the first time and get their first -- first impression, as they say. And he was very helpful. I had a few sort of decisions that I was agonizing over and I showed it to him. And he had some really good ideas, not surprisingly, a very smart guy, and he has been, you know, very supportive of the movie.
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