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Red Sox DVD, interview from Japan

  • Matt has narrated the DVD of the Red Sox's winning season, and is expected to attend the release event later this month. Details from the Boston Globe.

    Damon narrates DVD for his home team

    It took uber-fan Matt Damon less time to narrate the official "2007 World Series Film" than it took the Red Sox rolling rally to make its way through town. That said, the Oscar-winner puts in his time when it comes to the team. Look for Damon to be in Boston Nov. 26 for the DVD release party with Sox brass John Henry and Larry Lucchino and several members of the team.

  • Excerpts from an interview from Japan Today ahead of Ultimatum's release in Japan on Saturday.

    He likes to take his family with him, which is always a big challenge, he admits. "When you are single, you walk around protecting your heart. When you have kids, your heart goes inside them. Parental fears are stronger than any fear I have for myself."

    He already has four films in pre-production, including Clint Eastwood’s biopic about Nelson Mandela. "I like to do any kind of movie. It depends on the script and director. If I think I can learn a lot, I’ll try anything."

    Well, almost anything. He won’t make a movie where Bourne has to tackle James Bond. "I met Daniel Craig at the Cannes film festival. He keeps himself in very good shape, so I would like to avoid any confrontation with Daniel Craig if I can."
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