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People's Choice Awards, Green Zone

  • Details of the People's Choice Awards nominations from Yahoo, where Bourne Ultimatum was the lead story:

    "The Bourne Ultimatum" was among leading nominees for the 34th annual People's Choice Awards, organizers said Thursday.

    The spy thriller was nominated for favorite movie, favorite action movie and favorite "threequel." Leading man Matt Damon was nominated for favorite male action star.

    Winners will be announced Jan. 8 during an awards show broadcast on CBS.

  • More information about the Imperial life in the emerald city project in the context of the writer's strike (with the film also appearing to have a new title), from Variety:

    In the past, a studio like U has allowed its "Bourne" series to go into production knowing that many changes and improvisations will occur, with many writers brought in to solve script problems in mid-production.

    Will it affect Paul Greengrass' "The Green Zone" with Matt Damon, which is working off an incomplete script? Universal production prexy Donna Langley says it won't. "We have a solid Brian Helgeland script," she says. "This movie is more contained than the 'Bourne' films. It is a different animal."

  • A sighting from Star magazine's November 12 issue, thanks to Stacie.

    Matt Damon and wife Luciana eating dinner at Nobu in Miami Beach’s Shore Club on Oct. 24.

  • Details of the Red Sox DVD which Matt has narrated is here.
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