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Green Zone to shoot in Spain and Morocco

  • It's a return to two Bourne locations for the upcoming Green Zone - details from an article at Variety:

    Biggest of all, arguably, is the imminent arrival of Paul Greengrass' Iraq drama "Imperial Life in the Emerald City," starring Matt Damon. Pic is set to lense in Morocco once it has completed its shoot in Spain, which begins in January. That production is being serviced by Zak Aloui's Zak Prods., which also repped Scott's "Body of Lies" and "The Bourne Ultimatum," the previous Greengrass-Damon collaboration.

  • More about the Red Sox DVD from Red

    Narrated by actor, noted Boston native and Red Sox fan Matt Damon, the official "2007 World Series Film," produced by Major League Baseball Productions and Shout Factory and available for $19.99, provides a detailed look at the seventh Boston Red Sox World Series championship by capturing the complete story of the 2007 Fall Classic. It will be released nationwide Nov. 27.

    "This is the crown jewel of all our DVD releases throughout the year," said Elizabeth Scott, MLB Productions' vice president of programming and business affairs. "This is the one we put the greatest amount of our energy into. We make every effort to get the best voice-over talent we can get, and in this case, we came through with Matt Damon.

    "He had such a great time doing his voicing session. He was so disappointed he wasn't available to do this in '04 [when the DVD was narrated by comedian and actor Denis Leary], that he was delighted to be asked to do it this year. And he did a phenomenal job."
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