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Bourne Ultimatum passes $200 million internationally

  • A significant milestone has been reached with The Bourne Ultimatum passing $200 million internationally, in addition to its takings in the US of $227 million. Details from Variety. The Bourne Identity made $92 million internationally (worldwide gross $213.9 million), and The Bourne Supremacy made $112 million internationally (worldwide gross $288.5 million) for a combined international gross of approximately $204 million.

    U's "Bourne Ultimatum" generated $3.3 million at 900 -- mostly from its second Japanese frame ($1.5 million) and its Chinese launch ($975,000). The threequel has nearly matched the combined foreign grosses of the previous "Bourne" pics with $202.4 million; it's the ninth pic of 2007 to go past the $200 million mark internationally, joining the third versions of "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Spider-Man" and "Shrek," the fifth "Harry Potter," "Transformers," "The Simpsons Movie," "300" and "Live Free or Die Hard," known overseas as "Die Hard 4.0."

  • Here's a few of the dissenting articles from major papers about Matt's Sexiest Man Alive title, including comments in response from representatives from People: New York Post and the Washington Post.

    "We look at all the men who have created some sort of buzz or have been in front of the mainstream," Julie Jordan, the mag's special correspondent in L.A., explained. She cited the wild success of Damon's "Bourne" flicks -- especially with lady ticket buyers -- and how he's a "family man, completely in love with his wife and children, and with more humility than anyone in Hollywood," blah blah.

    Image Hosted by
    Also: "There was the campaign that George Clooney and Brad Pitt[both two-time SMA winners] had going since 2001 trying to get him this honor." (Hmpf, so this is some kind of "Ocean's Eleven" hegemony? Who next, Bernie Mac?)

    Jordan acknowledged -- brace yourself -- there's not a lot of science here. "We have our favorites. We look at who the readers want in the magazine. There's a team of editors in New York that whittle it down" over a period of about two months. "But there's always an obvious choice... It's the guy of the moment, the guy of the year."
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